Danske Banks 150 år

Biofuel Express on stage to Danske Bank’s 150th birthday

7. Oktober 2021
2 minutes read

To celebrate Danske Bank’s 150th birthday, was Biofuel Express on October 5th  invited on stage  based on their efforts within sustainability. Here, Biofuel Express talked about their approach to the green transition to an audience of business companies.

Out of Danske Bank’s more than 122 000 corporate customers, Biofuel Express was one of two companies selected to participate in a joint interview and presentation on stage. Biofuel Express was in particular selected because of their efforts within the climate field and because of the growing interest within the green agenda, which is beginning to fill much more for many companies with the increased requirements for concrete and targeted climate efforts. This will mean that many companies will face major structural changes, which can be beneficial already to consider today. Here, Biofuel Express, with their conversion of heavy transport to fossil-free operation and their 13 years of experience, has gained a lot of knowledge that could be used as inspiration for other businesses.

For the event, Biofuel Express was represented by board member Ole Brinch-Nielsen, who was to shed light on the aspect of being a company born green, the benefits and most certainly also the challenges that may be associated with this in an economic and business perspective.

In particular, the talk was circulating around the strength of a data-driven and digitalized business that will inevitably have a major impact on companies’ conversion to greener and more sustainable solutions. It is especially in this matter Biofuel Express also has chosen to take the lead, as they are the first in the Nordic region to have developed a data platform for climate reporting within transport, which can, among other things, give customers an overview of their overall CO2 reductions when driving on fossil-free biofuels.

Through the event, Biofuel Express could thus contribute perspectives, experiences, and inspiration to other companies with a desire for a greener and more sustainable business model and future.

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